Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let's get rid of the safety net

 I couldn't possibly say it better than Gojko did... but I can write about it.

What Gojko came to tell us in the Eurostar conference of 2011 was that with software testing as we see it most - A phase of executing test cases after the product development phase has ended - does not contribute to quality.
It contributes to building a safety net for developers, managers, and even testers.

Since testing is done after development, developers get encouraged to become lazy as they don't need to make sure that their development still really works.

Testing should not be about
  • Logging defects that developers actually already know about. When for example simple client side field validations don't work, developers could know before a tester knows.
  • Waiting for a product to start testing and designing tests against a formalized analysis, to cover our asses instead of the product
  • Answering business on their requests instead of providing what they really need
  • Assume that all requirements and designs are clear and correctly defined

Testing should be about
  • Helping analysts and developers by showing them how things can go wrong during design, development and delivery
  • Providing what business needs instead of what business wants
  • Help non-testers be better at testing
  • Test the complex and critical parts of a product
  • Find the real requirements and share them with all team-members
  • Being part of a team that is jointly responsible for the quality of the delivered product

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